He also has passion for Missions and now an Organizer of Mene Wo Do Foundation, non-governmental Organization in Ghana, taking care of street girls and giving them basic occupation to live by in the Asankrangwa community in Ghana West-Africa.


Bishop Anane is on The Word Network every Saturday at 5:10am.


He resides in USA with his wife and children and he is ever ready to go all out for Jesus.



Bishop Denis Anane


Delivered to be Free: Exposing the Kingdom of Darkness

Do demons exist?


Do they have power over Christians?


How do demons gain entrance into people's lives?


How can a person be delivered from the powers of darkness?


This book answers these tough questions and more purely from a biblical view point.


With his own personal experience as deliverance and healing minister, Rev. Anane teaches practical ways of receiving and maintaining deliverance in a person's life. This book is also enriched with scriptures and powerful prayer points to help you combat the enemy and take what is rightfully yours.

The Winners’ Secret: Attitude


Are you in the verge of giving up in life?


Do you want to start all over again?


Are you looking for inner peace?


Do you feel hopeless and restless?


Or do you want to live your fullest potential in this life?


Then this is the book for you. It is a book for the young and old, rich and poor, happy and sad, peaceful and troubled. It is about your attitude. You need these six principles I call P.O.W.E.R.S. to be inculcated in your life.



Stressed Out? Your 40 day journal to a stress free life


Stress has been a common problem in human society from time immemorial.

For every three people that you meet, one--if not all--of them may be going through some kind of stress be it marital, financial, emotional, physical, psychological, health, job, economic hardships, relationships and the like, and these can cause a lot of unhappiness in people's lives.

Stress knows no age, color, height, weight, education or profession.

Stress is one of the leading causes for suicide, premature deaths, depression, high blood pressure, migraines, chronic pains, isolation, and other health issues.

This book will help release the stress in your life and empower you to be what God has destined you to be. It will change your life and give you the ability to dream again each and everyday because you are created to be the best, so take charge of your life.



Songs of Praise


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Bishop Denis Anane is the author of the books “The Winners’ Secret: attitude” “Delivered to be free” and “Stressed Out? Your 40 day journal to a stress free life”, He is Evangelist, Conference Speaker, musician and gifted with powerful prophetic, deliverance and healing Ministry, ministering across United States of America, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.


He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Revelation Power Ministries, a vibrant, energetic and fast growing Ministry in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA with a branch in India and Liberia. He is also the founder of Judah Spiritual warfare Institute, a bible school that teaches, empowers and exposes the Kingdom of darkness and raises an end-time army for Jesus Christ.


Bishop Anane is also the visionary of AW Productions. A ministry that writes directs and produces Christian movies and supports up and coming gospel artist to glorify God.


He has a Bachelors degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Cape-Coast, Ghana West-Africa, graduated from Spiritual Warfare Institute in Ghana, West Africa and later became a tutor teaching demonology and deliverance in that school, he also graduated from the Benny Hinn School of Ministry with strong passion to destroy the works of darkness and to win souls for Christ.


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